MacOS X Web Sharing Update


I just intalled the OS X Web Sharing Update that became available from Apple via the Software Update System Preference Panel a couple days ago. The problem is now that I have installed the update, I cannot start Web Sharing via the Sharing Preference Panel or via the Terminal by way of starting Apache explicitly. I was wondering if anyone else may have had this problem after installing this update. If you have, I would like to know if you have found a way to solve the problem. Let me know.

If it helps, my current system build is now 10.0.4 (4Q12).


Power Mac G4 Dual-533 MHz
512 MB RAM
60 GB HD
MacOS 10.0.4
When I had a similar problem (I suddenly couldn't start or stop File Sharing) I just downloaded manually the 10.0.4 installer and ran it and *bingo* everything was hunky-dory. Hope this helps...