MacOS X & XFree86 now interoperable

Thanks phule! That is great news. I can not wait to try it out. (nor can I wait for to move to the new server so I cn use contractions again!)

As soon as someone gets this going as a rootless client (soon, I hope) I will no longer even have to think about having to pay for a copy of xTools. Thank god.

boult -- I am afraid this does nothing for the port status of GAIM. There have been ways to use Xfree86 on Darwin before, just few as slick (and as free!) as this one. However, with such an easy Xfree86 solution out, hopefully more developers will get interested in getting ports for X programs out! I think a lot of us have favorite X11 programs that we really want to run on our OS X boxes. Hopefully, with the big libraries ported (gtk+, glide -- thanks boult) some of the ports will be really easy.

Any binaries of this patched version? It will take waaay to long to download, patch, and compile everything for me.
binaries are now up....

I kinda have it working, x starts up but there aren't any xterm windows and i don't even think twm is starting because i can't get a pop-up menu when i click. It works if i go to the console at login though. So if anyone can help me out there that would be great.
If the all imporant libraries are already ported then there is no reason you can't try compiling GAIM yourself, though you'll have to make sure that you have installed the associated headers of the libraries that you have installed. I would give compiling a go, but I don't have MacOS X installed, or Darwin for that matter, so you're going to have to try building it yourself or ask someone nicely ;)