MacOS9.2.1 is this the end for 7300-8600


Hi I may have missed the press release.

Is 9.1 the end of the OS for 7300-8600 etc.

I downloaded the 9.2.1 update and it will not install on my 8600/G3 350 with 9.1 loaded. Going through the installation notes it only talks about G3 and above.

I hope that there is more to come MacOS X is not a finished product as far as I can tell and the new machines do not offer me more than my 8600 gives (Apart from more expense)

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9.2.1 only runs on the same macs as OSX itself, i.e. G3s and up.

The only improvements are for Classic support though, so it'd be kind of pointless to install 9.2.1 as a standalone OS


I don't thing so.
Sonnet Technologies™ has announced a special MacOS 9.2.1 driver for Pre G3s machines.
Be patient.


I've seen an installer floating on the internet that allows installation of 9.21 onto pre-G3 hardware. I have yet to try it, but not thoughts this won't work.
OSx10.1 installed fine on my 7600, and I'll be glad to test 9.21 on it also.

The 7600 has a 400mHzG3 upgrade from Powerlogix. Works as advertised, but I *have* had a kernel panic or two from within OSX. Hopefully Ryan Rempel or another Darwin user will get a patched 1.4 kernel for use on these great machines. Its quite useable, but doesn't handle the load of many apps running simultaneously like my dual533. I'm going to try and stuff a bunch of RAM into it and see if it helps (think it has 192MB now).

You will have a solution shortly, if not in a little while. There is just too many users with that great and useful hardware that will want to take advantage of OSX.