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Well first time I see a "review" in french about this forum COOL

it's ici (here in french)

basically explains the way the tech support is given, why it's different and better than other mac forums and advertise for volunteers.

I'm willing to translate it on request but not this evening it's getting late ::sleepy::


The Late: SuperMacMod

Subject validated by Ergo , suggested by philippe99 à 12:33. is an anglophone site of mutual aid to the users of Mac Encore another site of assistance, will you say to me? And english-speaking moreover?

Yes, but functions on another principle. L has question put (the "ticket") by a person (after having been recorded) does not arrive in a forum , to the eyes and seen of all, but in a list (the" pool") in which voluntary technicians will pick to answer it . When a technician selects a question, it interacts directly with the person who put the question (the "customer") to try to solve it.

Through the interface Web of the site, the customer is thus in relation privileged with
the technician who repairs it: except the regulators and other technicians
who can poster a comment, no other intervening does not come to pollute
this wire of discussion.

When the incident is solved, the technician closes the question. A mechanism of feedback makes it possible to the customer to thus comment on the way the technician solved the problem. If the question did not find solution, the technician can then return it in the "pool".

Lastly, the regulators can draw the attention of the whole of the technicians
on such or such question which seems enliser or not to find "taking". With an average of 150 questions permanently in the "pool", it is more
of 100 voluntary technicians who take turns to repair. seeks volunteers to reinforce the team : if you control English - American should I say, is based in Texas and that you wish to help of other Mac users, do not hesitate, join us.


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Doesn't really matter, does it? And I think the whole community is quite international, anyway, so "English" is an allowed language, too. Not only "American". ;) (The french text says: "volunteers should be capable of English language - or should I say 'American' - ..."