MacOSX command line


When I try to access files folders in the command line, I've noticed that I can't get to "multiple word" files. i.e.
"cd Desktop Folder" doesn't work. I've tried "cd Desktop%20Folder", but that doesn't seem to work either. Anyone know how to get around this?

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joseph hopper

or try cd Desktop\ Folder

that's often faster if it's only one space. if there are many quotes are faster.

the fastest is to use the tab, write "Des" and then press tab, the shell fills in the rest (if there are no other files that have names beginning with "Des"). You'll notice that all the spaces are preceded by "\"

Although the \ char works, there is a faster way for typing file names :

type the begining of the name, then hit 'tab', it should display the hole nam all alone (with the \s) and if there is more than 1 file with that begining, the shells prompts you with a list of files and folder corresponding to your entry.

Somebody should add color coding to tcsh |-)

Color ls has already been ported (although it's a HUGE executable for some reason).