MacOSX freeze during startup


How can I deal with this problem, since there is no extensions to turnoff any more? is there another similar instruction or safemode during start up I can use? V-freezes on an instruction..
It suddenly stopped working. 121mb free.many thanks for any answer.
More information please!

What instruction does the startup freeze on when you do "verbose" mode startup (holding v)?

You can startup in "single user mode" by holding "s" but you really need to know what you are doing to fix anything from there -- all you get is the NIX command line, with almost no disks mounted, etc, etc.

Really the best thing to do is just reinstall. OS X is very nice and modulea in how it separates "system stuff" from "user stuff" so you can reinstall the OS without losing any preferences, apps, etc.

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I did not did not write down the instructions, instead I ran Techtool from OS 9( another partition) and it worked. But, reinstalling MacOSX everytime something fuckes up seem a little bizarr to me, I have read that advice on severeal pages. Sounds a little PC:ish to me. About the instructions, is there any general rules in v mode that I can think of next time? fx. can I write sometning that skips the faulty instructions during startup?

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johan( newbie)
The reinstalling is really the easiest thing to do. (Not totally PC-ish, either -- most Mac-fix-it advice is to reinstall when you have a problem as severe as no system booting!) Especially in OS X when a reinstall doesn't touch anything you've done to the system, so there's no recovery period where you need to get everything back to the way it was. I bet that reinstalling would be almost as quick as running techtool, too.

But I digress... There is no general rule about what to do or write down when you boot in verbose mode. But you can ask people on forums like this who have some UNIX knowledge if they know what to do... (In general, arbitrarialy skipping startup steps is a bad idea on UNIX systems, though).