macosX horrible crashes (help if you can)


1) memory access exception (1,0,0)
Waiting for remote debugger connection
options ---- type
continue - c
reboot - r

doesn't respond to c or r, have to reboot from cd and reselect macos 9 to get g4 to boot

2) panic: We are hanging here...

no baloney!

3) also had 2 * 60gb ibm deskstar disks fail this week (one internal, the other external firewire). I am almost certain it's related to norton filesaver / OSX bug.


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1 and 2: I had lots of that sort of thing for a while, related to bad RAM module. I took the new memory back to the store, got a new one, it was solved.

No idea about 3 I'm afraid, never used norton's stuff.

Good luck getting it solved.


don't know if RAM was really bad. seems to be ok today.

Disk Warrior saved my Drives! got rid of the nasty clicking! Can't hardly believe it. Now instead of running OSX and OS9 on separate partitions, I'm just running them on separate drives. I know that there's an issue running OSX beyond 8GB; it's on a 60GB drive, so I hope that Apple fixes that limitation soon.

after reinstalling OSX on the new disk, I haven't had a single memory error as before.