MacOSX with Nikon D2X wireless setup (Wt1)


Has anyone managed to configure a wireless connection using the WT1 with a Mac Powerbook (OSX). Will appreciate some advice and help.
I have managed to configure everything in the camera but am not able to do the FTP part in the apple. The camera and the computer do not link up.
Dear Sir,

I am trying to make a AD-HOC Computer to Computer connection using my wireless transmitter WT 1 on my Nikon Camera and the Mac Powerbook.
The configuration is as follows :
New Network : D2X
Channel : 1

TCP/IP : Configure Manually
IP address :

The camera's address is entered as
The FTP address in the camera to connect to has been entered as

DO I have to enable anything in AppleTalk or Proxies ?

In sharing Services only FTP Access is tick marked. DO I have to check any other box in services or Firewall or Internet

I am able to go to the localhost when I type ftp://localhost and enter username and password.
I am also able to go to the local host when I type the IP address in the browser ftp://. But still The two are unable to see each other or communicate. What else can I do to check the netwrok configuration in the mac. Ho