If I'm using MacOsX would it be very different from using MacOs or OS2 or XP(ME)? If it is such important, that I can forget Windows (at school they give me 300/300 for basic knowledge for this OS('95) but I love this site), would it gives me a real benefit to change (Dataquest says that Apple has only 2,8% of the market)?
Hervé, that's certainly a personal decision on your part...

Of course everyone here will tell you to go the Apple way. To answer your question, M$ is breaking their ass to catch up with the ease of use that Apple has had a handle on since 1984 ;)

Personally I've got three mac's, and a peecee, which sits useless next to me. OS X now replaced the peecee for development!

There are many pro's and cons when looking at the computer scene...
PC's - Everybody uses them. They are the "standard." They're suseptable to viruses, and are dependent on being updated to stay secure
Linux - Hi, I'm learning curve, nice to meet you... Can run on my alarm clock, not to mention it's secure, and fairly easy to fix (see learning curve though)
Mac - Turn it on. Done... Tougher to fix (Doesn't always say what's wrong) but certainly doesn't break as readily. Still as secure as anything...

Right now I'm looking into getting my AppleCare Specialist Certifications.
You are right about the low percentage of Apple owners. I've heard a much different number though. Apple had reported market share at 5%? (Can anyone confirm or deny?) Regardless of market share once a Mac user, always a Mac user. We're loyal to the end, and there are very few of us who have the full technical know-how to get a Mac IT only job. (Setting up networks, end-user support, purchasing etc. Without being a graphic/web designer or PC IT as well!)
There are even fewer companies running solely on Mac. Hopefully OS X will turn things around much the way Linux is starting to gain headway. I certainly wouldn't mind Apple's business marketing to flaunt the "still gracefully Mac, but with the horsepower of Linux."

I'm really hoping that business' start to take Mac's with a lot less of the "big toy" attitude which annoys the living sh@# out of me. We all know those kind... 13" thick glasses, interned at the pc lab, later to run it, halitosis breathin', "My PC is superior to you, and your very existence" kind of people... Boy do they annoy me...

Then there's the cool guys and gals... Us... the very life and blood of this board. The hardcore Mac kids... (and adults, but even the adults have our inner kids screaming out... let face it, we probably still have our wives looking after us just as much as the kids!)

I'll stop the rant here. But Hervé, I do hope that you'll come to the light side of the force. There's a lot to learn, and even more to do...
If I had the $$ I would buy a peecee...of course I would install every x86 OS on it EXCEPT windows...this was I could daunt people he he... I am evil ;)

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