I've downloaded the 10.1.1 update, but have yet to install it for fear of killing my system, what with it being prerelease software and all!!

Has anyone had any experience of installing it and if so what effect if any did it have?

any info would be much appreciated!

Please note this is prerelease software that should not be installed on a production system. Do not install on a system containing information that you would not want to lose.


You think some idiot on HL know something that apple doesn't....?????

Go ahead... be the first on your block to lose all of your data.

or... join the Developer program... an Understand in advance what you are getting as a test release.

The recommended procedure is to create a system which contains a copy of your working environment on a separate machine.

Then to run the new software and report your observations back to Apple Seed.

who would you report back to????

I suppose you would send some sort of crying notice to this list.....

WAAAAAHHH!!!!! the admin at {{[[[HOTZ???HITZ@@@MEMBERS?0n1Y]]]}}}
doesn't care about me........

There are some cases where newer is not better!!!
... the last system update beta that REALLY killed my system was System 7.6b3c1 ...


but why would you? 10.1.1 will be a bugfix release. since 10.1 runs fine basically, i'd just wait for the update to appear on 'software update'.

i understand people who want to try new builds of a 'next' operating system (when will Jaguar builds arrive? ;)) - but builds of ..1-upgrades aren't really THAT important.
Are you sure? I have a very long time a blue background, and then, the loginscreen appears. I recommend you wait 5 minutes... :eek:

AppleWatcher ;)
I just installed the 10.1.1 update over 10.1 because I like living on the edge. Well, I fell off. My computer would not start up. It kernal panicked just after the login screen after 3 consecutive reboots. So I reinstalled 10.1 (5L14) over the 10.1.1 install and everything came back just fine. No problems. Whew!

G4 dual 500, 1.06 GB RAM, ATI Radeon, OS X 10.1, 9.2.1, DVD-RAM, Ultra160 dual channel SCSI.
I had a lot of kernel panic the past 6 month playing around with update after update.

at first i used to do the same as you. reinstalling (not fun)

then i tried various stuff, like disconnecting firewire and usb device and rebooting, and it solve the problem most of the time. ( reconnecting the device after the first successful log on )

but the one that solve it every time for me was to remove the memory ( i have (4) 256mb installing only one and rebooting.. voila! no kernel panic, then after the first good log on, reinstalling the memory.

the only conclusion that i came up too was that by removing the memory the mac had to rescan hardware setting and that solve the temporary kernel panic problem

not that scientific but who cares as it worked on multiple times for me over the past few months

try it next time
Cheers for the feedback / advice!

I'll go with the majority and wait for the official release!

mx :)