MacPro X4 Video Card with SLI?!?


Chic Not Geek
My friend and I been debated about which better get Video Card for MacPro. My opinion the ATI X1900 XT 512mb instead of get four nvida for MacPro. My friend suggest to get four video cards and use SLI ribbon to four video cards it will be total 1GB. But, I don't see that Apple's website say any about supported of SLI ribbon to all four video cards?

Anyone can answer this?


Mac Metal Head
I don't think that the Mac Pro supports SLI. Three of the slots are not as fast as the one intended for dedicated graphics use. I believe SLI requires more than just enough slots to stick cards in, you need the right cards and I'm pretty sure your motherboard must support it as well.

So, while you can technically have 4 cards, they would be working indivdually, not together like with Quad SLI.


You also need driver support to do it. If they get to the point of doing that, I'm pretty sure you'd hear about it on their spec pages.