I just ran a buggy application in Classic mode. It bombed into MacsBug (6.6) because I forgot to remove MacsBug from the System Folder (I had thought it was supposed to be "bad" to run MacsBug in Classic mode). And OS X PB kept right on going! All the OS X apps continued to work. I then did an ES in MacsBug and no harm done, apparently. Just when I'm beginning to get my head around the notion of casually dropping into the heavy-duty power of Emacs from an incredibly elegant Macintosh UI, this happens.

This is one scary OS. I pity Bill.
I'm a recently converted Lintel geek. I think my friend Dave said it best:

"It almost seems too good to be true. Here's everything that we want in a PC. No device conflicts, no crappy OS crashing all the time, RISC performance, ability to click on big yummy buttons or type your way, all the cool UNIX utils, a built in C Compiler, does it come with MineSweeper?"

He soon found that chess was a much better choice than minesweeper.

"This really is the first pc thing to come along in a long time that actually has me excited... "

8:19AM up 2 days, 15:23, 2 users, load averages: 0.40, 0.17, 0.20

exactly how long ago I loaded it!