Macster is carbonized!

David R

What a surprise! I started Macster from OS X and well, it is carbonized! Woohoo!

I just thought you'd like to know.
The latest version, 5.5 I believe, does not run in classic on my system. It's clearly carbonized.

Unfortunately it has been crashing on me when it tries to list the songs it finds.
Downloaded the latest version, reinstalled it and it now works PERFECTLY in OS X. Good stuff.

Macster and Audion, both for OS X, perfect combo.
Carbonized Macster works like a charm although Audion appears a little flaky in my experience with MP3 playback. I'll stick with SoundJam in the meantime.
Really? What kind of problems have you had with Audion? I had it up and running for about 3 hours straight last night and it didn't crash or act up a single time.
It didn't crash or anything. It just played a few mp3's with a weird noise where as SoundJam played them with no problem.
My copy of Macster would not open at all in OS X. It just starts opening and then OS X tells me that a program died. I might try a reinstall.

Reinstall made it work fine

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I installed macster 5.5 in a 9.0 boot of my machine. I then booted in X and moved macster over to an OS X directory.

Unfortunately that was the / directory. I can copy it anywhere, but talk about an ugly place ot leave an app. I can't remove it as I don't have sufficient permissions.

So how do I remove it? The installer doesn't seem to have an uninstall mode. Does anyone know the root password:)

Macster works fine in OS X beta btw ...
Use root as your user ID and then your admin password as the password.

Then *AS SOON* as you are done taking care of Macster, log out and log back in with your normal user ID.