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in think apple should release Mac OS X on intel CPU's as well as power pc. It will work on the platform and its major components do work on intel. as the powerpc G4 is so much more powerful than intel pentium the G4's can be used for high end jobs whilst the pentium's can be used for word processing. Also PC users can use the software without buying a new computer. When current PC users buy a new computer they can buy a G4 because it would most likely cost the same as a pentium but give twice the performance in real world terms. major companies could then integrate pentium and G4 technology together without the headache they would currently experience. It would make no difference to apple users, in fact it would make things easier because we would be able to buy software more easily and have a greater range of software/ games/ peripherels.
just my 2p
While there porting the OS is clearly possible, I doubt that you'll see it in the next few years as Apple is structured as a hw/os company. It is extremely expensive to worry about functionality at the layer where software meets the hardware.

The "plug and pray" mess in Windows is a good example of this. Microsoft has done a pretty good job getting things working as well as they do, but the fact that they don't have a total firm control on the hardware creates problems.

The fact that things like device drivers can be difficult to write correctly (I've done this several times over the years and even simple changes can cause major angst) means that 3rd party companies will have to focus on one platform over the other. If Apple could afford to do an Intel port the software crowd would have to make a decision about where to put their resources. I doubt that many could justify doing a couple of versions. You would see the early Mac vs Wintel argument, but it would be MacPPC vs MacIntel.

My own feeling is that it would be very bad for the platform.

If you really want something "unixy" that runs on Intel hw go to Linux or BSD. (I personally prefer BSD, but now we're talking religion)
does intel bsd have different drivers for usb etc than bsd for mac? if so the mac bsd will have 1 usb driver for the mac platform and the pc version will have a usb driver for their devices. i really can't see a problem. if the drivers already exist and work it only requires a basic driver for the mac version to work and these drivers will have to be built for os to work any way
Porting the OS too intel hardware ???
My opinion...
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My question is that why everyone really want to have MacOS X to port for Intel. Intel is JOKE! PowerPC 500mhz kick Pentium III 1GHZ. What more they annoucment that they will have PowerPC 1 GHZ. So? what next ? Will we have dual 1 Ghz (WHOOOA)
i understand that everyone hates intel, but ........
sooooo many people use the platform that prices for compatible software and hardware have fallen. if it wern't for the pc platform memory and hard drives etc would cost a fortune for us mac users as everything would have to be specially made. as it is most peripherals work fine on macs that have a driver to drive them. remember the first macs with their propriety printers and cables etc.. Macs today are high octane jazzed up maxed out pc's running with industrial processors. the only difference with macs and pc's (speaking hardware) are the cpu, and a few small differences on the motherboard. its about time the os spread its wings and dominated the pc market. are people afreaid that intel et al cpu's are faster than powerpc? people should open their eyes and look at the wider picture. that's what steve jobs did with the imac et al, so should you mac fanatics!!!!!!!!

no flames please i've run out of water to douse them with.

no flames please i've run out of wa
I really am NOT against the Hardware of PCs, or the software, as a testament I use softwindows,and PC100 RAM in my nice G3, what I am opposed to is OS X on intel.
intel chips, as said by someone else on this board, sUk because they can't do as much in the same Mhz rating, so what good is it to have a 1,2,3,4Ghz machine (intel) when you can pay the same amount of dollars/performace and get a mac ?
People usually mistake Mhz with performance and they are the ones that need to wake up.
X on intel, wont occur, not any time soon at least, for the simple reason that apple CANT control the hardware.

And for those guys that say the old dayZ with proproetary hardware.... NEWZflash, Firewire is an apple proprietary technology which it licences to PC makers, so its not all one way, meaning the PC peoplegiving us "poor" mac people cheaper hardware
so why not let people with poor performance cpu's (ie pentium's) use mac os X. everyone knows that mac os x on the g4 willl give kick ass performance over mac os x on a g3. in the next year or two i'm going to invest on a powerbook g4 i would have got a poerbook g4 if it was available when i got my pismo purely for running os x!! come on face facts g3-pentium 3, they dont cut it with the g4 and its future family, yet i'm running os x on a slower than optimised platform for os x. i would love to buy a cheap pc jaz it up and put os x on it for my small soho office, as a server. a mac isn't much more money but when you don't have much of a budget you have to make do with what you've got. the only problem with mac os x on intel is that it would work dog slow compared with a mac processor with traditional high end mac software, and need drivers for pc peripherals. surely bsd on intel has dealt with peripheral drivers so intel users can use these drivers. os x on mac would be faster and use different drivers giving professional users better performance. the mac platform has always been used by professional people and has had a poor but hardcore following among home users. mac os x on intel will surely bridge the gap between the professional user and the home user.
i've never bought a pc and always had a mac. pc's are clumsy because of windows and unix etc, and macs have been easy due to the excellent finder and system. as mac os x runs using unix implementation the only difference i now see between intel cpu's and powerpc is performance. surely unix apps can be compiled under bsd to run on os x and intel, so if i have bsd on intel i can run apps that can run on os x, therefore why can't i run mac os x on intel!!
just my 2 pence

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