Mail 1.1 & POP accounts


I've been happily using my 10.0.4 and Mail 1.0 with my alumni (Dartmouth) POP email account for a while now. However, after the upgrade to 10.1/Mail 1.1, messages are no longer deleted from the server when they are downloaded, and even messages that have already been downloaded are re-downloaded.

Needless to say this is quite annoying.

I've tried deleting the account from Mail, and setting it up anew, but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions? (Mail has also been rather buggy -unexpectedly quiting much more often than in 10.0.4/1.0)

and help appreciated.

Isn't there a configuration option in Mail that lets you choose whether to delete or leave mail on the server?

I'll check it out later (I'm at work now, but my Mac is at home.)

...but it seems that if you don't have any rules set up, then it doesn't work (or it does, but downloads mail more than once) in Mail 1.1