Mail 2.0.1: Installation & Setup


I installed Mac OS X 10.4 and immediately updated to 10.4.1 and now having problems getting Mail 2.0.1 to open for setup on my Pismo G3 PowerBook.
After first launching Mail, I got the "Welcome to Mail in Tiger" window, which invited me to import existing Mail messages. As I have no Apple mail on this machine, (I have been using Entourage), I clicked the "continue" button, which then closed Mail. Repeated process several times with no success. Unable now to get past the welcome window. No problems on my desktop machines in this respect.
Any ideas welcomed!

First quit Mail compleatly.

Go to
Macintosh HD > Users > yourusername > Library > Prefrences

and first move the "" file to the desktop. Start Mail and see if it works. If it does; delete the file.
Hi riccbhard
No go I'm afraid, I tried that originally, but gave it another shot with the same results - i.e. the Welcome window

Problem now solved, after deleting in Applications/Library and User Library and also deleting Mail. plist and then reinstalling from Tiger 10.4 disk

Erh... Then you now have an out-of-date, I'm afraid. Need to re-apply the 10.4.1 update now.