Mail accounts lost after 10.0.4 upgrade



on my home iMac all Mail accounts setup in the Mail App have disappeared after upgrading to 10.0.4. :(

Now when I click on Mail it says there are no accounts configured and asks me to setup an account or Quit.

This is really annoying as I had several accounts setup and was mailing from them and receiving to them fine before this.

Anyone else come across this (and more importantly know how to fix it)?


Hi realcork

Here at work I've had the almost the same problem, I still have my standard work account (that everyone else uses and goes through our email server - the SMTP address is setup to go to the inhouse server and then the server sends it to the outside world), but my other account (for myself - the incoming mail and SMTP address is directly linked to the server basically going straight from my mac to the outside) has disappeared.

Sorry, but I'm at a loss why this has happened, I'm going to setup my account again and see if it works.

eric halfabee


what's even wierder in my case is that if I go out to the Finder I can see the Mail folders in Home/Library/Mail but the Import won't let me bring them in.

It's really frustrating having the mail there but unavailable :(


I don't think I had that problem when I upgraded.

But I <em>did</em> have to install 10.0.4 twice because the first time, I had moved into another folder so when 10.0.4 "updated", it just added meaningless files to the exact location /Applications/

That package installer seems like more trouble than it's worth.

For me it was a momentary blip on the dangerscope.

First time restarting after update - no accounts showed in the drawer. Went to the mail prefs. They were all there and still config'ed as before. Closed prefs. Closed Opened hoping to avoid a restart....and.........hooha! they were back. BUT - all the mail I had downloaded just before the update showed up as new mail again...

Hi guys,

I've had the same problems and more!

1. I couldn't access my archived mail all on a sudden. Neither were my mail accounts right. I found that Mail was putting its stuff under ~/Library/Mail (it was ~/MailAccounts and ~/Mailboxes before). I can access my old Mail settings now after I moved the old folders into ~/Library/Mail. At least this one is solved, but Mail now seems quite unstable now and then.

2. Addressbook entries lost! I've got my old .addressBook bundles but can't import them into AddressBook anymore!

3. I lost preferences for most of my applications though the preference files are there! Project Builder, Fire, Terminal, OmniWeb, ...!!! But my System Preferences were intact.

4. I've had several nasty Kernel panic with simple QTJava programs since yesterday.

Man! Is 10.0.4 or whatever a shippable version at all! It has shaken my very fibre over the past few days since I'd almost come to take OSX's stability for granted.