Mail and Exchange server


I run Apple Mail in IMAP mode against an Outlook Exchange server. The server has a Public folder with 10s of thousands of individual messages and subfolders, some locked. Two problems occur when Mail synchronizes this folder:

1. I get an error message every time a locked folder is found requiring me to push an OK button. This is a problem when I'm not here physically, of course, but also a nuisance when I am here.

2. Mail slows down to a crawl and takes other apps with it - Spinning Beach Ball of Death.

Is there a way to tell Mail to NOT synchronize a particular folder?

I've been having a similar problem with mail sloooownesssss. No exchange server involved. Standard IMAP server on a Sun (as far as I know).

It is very, very, very slow to read a new message. Simple text messages can take 45 seconds to show up after I click them. I get a "Loading Message..." screen.

Thunderbird works great on the same Mac with identical setup.