Mail app attachment question


Whenever i use Apple's Mail App to send attachments to my work (where they use Win2000), they arrive unreadable. They show up as a three part attachment. For example, if i send a Word file, it will arrive as three attachments named letter.doc mime.txt and mime2.txt Nothing that i have tried would let me open the file. If I send the file using Hotmail, it comes through fine. I have even tried changing the message to plain text before sending it, but that did not help.

Can anyone tell me whats wrong, or how to fix this problem? I would much rather use Mail over Hotmail.


I don't have a solution for you but I am having the same exact problem. I try and send Word files as attachments to my work, where they use Windows, and for some reason the attachment doesn't go through. Mail is a good program except for this rather major flaw. I'm stuck using Netscape to send e-mail with attachments until they come out with a fix.
Try using dropstuff/dropzip to compress the file first. Haven't tried this and have not had this problem myself. I have sent several files to friends without problem.

btw anyone know how to make Mail show the file extension of attachments?
Havent tried zipping the file, but i would rather not have to. The people I am sending files to are not very computer literate, and i would rather not confuse them by asking them to decompress files.

There seems like there should be some other way.