Error Message


anyone else get this?

The mailbox ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Inbox Sketchwork.mbox is currently locked by ÅK on host localhost. If you open a mailbox that already is in use, you may damage its contents.

I get it no matter what I do after a while. I have 4 pop accounts and the account feeding into this program. If i create separate inboxes for each or if they all get their own ones, i still get this message. I am the only user on this machine too.

Any help? Any ideas?


once i deleted all the prefs for mailbox, deleted the mailboxes, reset my machine and set them all up again, now it says that <b>I</b> cannot access stuff owned by <b>Searle Stuppel</b>, which happens to be me, and the ONLY user on this machine.

Well I found information on this on Apple's Knowledge Base at their website. Apparently its not uncommon and only happens when you have multiple POP accounts. When i just have 1 POP account going in its not a problem. The solution is that it needs to have different named inboxes (which unfortunately you CANNOT do, because you also need to put each account in seperatly, and not have them all filter into the personal mailboxes area, where you CAN create different named inboxes....)

So the solution I found is a GREAT program called sweetmail, available at Try and and enjoy. Faster, better and more stable than