Mail App For Iphoto


I would like to use MAIL to e-mail my iphoto shots over the internet. The Entourage icon appears at the bottom of the menu as the default. When I go into iphotosystem preferences and go the place where you can choose the mail system you'd like to use, options other than Entourage (including aol and Mail) are grayed out and unreachable. I was able to use Mail for this purpose until just 3 days ago when we moved and the broadband guy hooked me up in our new house. Now it looks ike Entourage is our ony option. How can I have Mail come out of the gray?



The Late: SuperMacMod
Download and run Pref Setter. In it locate and open the iPhoto preference file, Then locate the Key "MailApp" and change the string value to "Mail". Save and close Pref Setter. Now give iPhoto another try. Also make sure you do not have a copy of Entourage on your HD.