goes nuts or crashes


Registered crashes way too often for me. It works for
a few minutes and then boom!

Today I changed my password on imap server. When I
updated the preferences to use the new password
it started chewing up memory:

[larkspur:~/Junk] dasu% ps -aux | grep dasu
dasu 896 31.8 59.5 259232 156096 ?? R 2:35.03 Mail

i.e., it grew to 259 MB of memory!?
I ended up killing this process.

I am surprised people are able to use at all.
Is it possible that it is not compatible with the server
version that we are running

IMAP4rev1 v12.250

Yes, the server is somewhat dated but that I have no
control over at the moment.

Is there something I can do with the client to
make it more reliable?

- Sridhara