hangs on startup


About 90% of the time will hang on startup after it's initial fetch of mail. I get the downloading mail popup, the mail downloads, displays in the browser and I hear the "new mail" ping. However control never returns, I just get the spinning wheel of death. The text "fetching new mail" continues to appear. Force-quitting and re-starting always fixes the problem until the next login.

I suspect that the problem may be related to the counting of messages since the mail icon in the Dock doesn't display the number of new messages in white text as normal but rather some very small unreadable black text instead.

Any ideas? I am hoping that this is just a bug in the PB and that it will be fixed in the final but I would like to fix it now if possible just in case it's related to permissions or my ISP.
I have the same problem sometimes.
It can´t be a problem with the ISP, as I am downloading my mail from a local mailserver.

It is rather a bug that will be fixed in final...
Looks like the problem doesn't occur if I select and view a message in the inbox before my new mail concludes downloading so now I am careful to do that.

Oddly enough just as I discovered this my email address started crashing mail on startup. Had to delete the defaults for that account to prevent it. However whenever I add back in Preferences Mail crashes again. Thankfully is not my primary email account so I won't worry about it unless the OSX final does the same thing.