much slower than Outlook 2000


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Has anyone else noticed that is painfully slow?

I thought it might be because I only connect with a lowly 56k modem, but my Outlook 2000 on Win98 downloads the same email messages in a fraction of the time.

Is it just my setup, or is a seriously slothful application?

Emailing from Windows,
It downloaded 350 e-mails over the 56k dial-up on my grandfather's G4 in less than 10 seconds. Not what I would call slow. It d/ls even faster on my dsl line.
Wow, that <em>is</em fast, but is that from an IMAP server? That is to say, is that just downloading the email headers?

(Sorry about the erroneous posting)

Wow, that <em>is</em> fast. Isthat from an IMAP server? that is to say, is that just downloading the message headers?

The one on the 56k is pop3. Mine is on imap set to d/l the entire message including images.
Check your set-up. You might want to use imap without downloading/caching images etc. Not sure what else you can do though.

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