Mail App On 10.9.5, How To Transfer Emails, Filters, Drafts [new Ssd]

Buzna Tepla

How do i best copy/transfer all my Emails, drafts, filters & settings for the mail app? I do have the original Library folder (7 GB). I do not know all WHAT exactly needs to be be copied, and where to, in order to transfer all and every e-mail, setting, drafts, attachments, etc...for the mail app.

I was told that the mail app stores its stuff on variety of places and that the process is not trivial. Just for the clarity, the mail app is in version 7.3 (1878.6)

I just bought fancy new SSD, fresh installed the same version of OS X (10.9.5) and moved some obvious stuff [movies, downloads, documents] from my old drive, but not the full account with the migration assistant. I still do have a bootable drive in an enclosure and also recent time machine backup. Both are readily available.

Thank you.
Try this:
In the old Mail - Use Export Mailbox (Mailbox menu). Save it to a spot that is easy for you to access. A flash drive would be easy. Then in the new Mail select Import (File menu). This way you can select which emails or mailbox you want to move over.