Mail App Problem


I am having the hardest time with the mail app.
On my machine at work, fresh from a clean install, on a LAN, my mail app launches then quits. I works for a few logins then does this and even after a clean install! I use IMAP to get my mail from a departmental server. Oddly enough, I have the same config at home and it works fine to the same departmental server over DSL.

Once the mail app starts this behaviour, when it is launched it launches but then immediately quits. Very frustrating. I am starting from a newly initialized disk with firewire drive disconnected. Any ideas?? Once I recreate it again I will let you all know what the console app tells, I looked at it once but I forgot the error message. It was cryptic.

My machine:
Cube, 1 Gb Ram, 40 Gb hard drive, Apple Cinema Display all on a ethernet LAN. Only nonvanilla thing is a firewire VST drive.