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Firstly, I'm on Panther, though this situation is still a problem in Tiger.

I've been looking for a solution to this problem that I just can't find an adequate workaround for. It doesn't help that search terms I can come up with are all pretty generic.

OK, here's the situation:

When I'm at Uni (on the University network) I set my Location to "Uni" which activates all the relevant proxies in Network. This is important, as I'm consistently using the web while there.

The problem is with - I DO use it to connect to my University e-mail address while at Uni, but since it doesn't ask me for proxy log-in details while retrieving mail, the other accounts are unreachable. Which is tolerable.

The real problem is where *DOES* want my proxy information: in HTML e-mails (with embedded, online images) that I've already downloaded at home and which are in already. So far as I'm concerned, I don't want it to ask for that information. Ever. All the important images I receive are attached to a message. The other ones are just fanciness/decoration.

The irritating scenario is where I've left home with Mail open. The top e-mail in my list in the morning is usually an HTML newsletter. When I go to send a message from Mail (or more importantly check for new Mail) once at Uni, I click on Mail (it was closed but not Quit), the program tries to render the message by retrieving all the embedded images, resulting in upwards of fifteen proxy authentication requests, one per image.

Ideally, I'd like to have it either ask once for my proxy details (even once per Mail message), and if I don't supply them, assume that I don't wish to supply them again until next time at least. I could handle not even *supporting* proxies, or rather not observing them. I could also handle it if there was a way of telling not to display images etc. in HTML messages ONLY while the Location is "Uni".

My current fix is to just leave never displaying images in Mail messages, but I'd like them there when I'm at home.

Any suggestions?