Proxy Support



I wonder if there is a workaround for Apple on Tiger to deal with IMAP4 SSL server through the firewall? Proxy / Socks 3rd party tools ???

It looks like there is no built-in proxy support at all, but anyway... Would be really great if somebody can point me to some useful liks... Thanks in advance

Mail only has proxy support for HTML-formatted mail messages, and not accounts themselves (since it inherits proxy support from the WebKit).

There's no excuse that you can't use the proxy for accounts, but that's the way it currently is.
I've been searching for ways to get Mail to do this for months..

Well, I decided to Entourage this morning, from within my employer's firewall, and set up my personal email account outside the firewall and it just worked. I may have specified "tunnel" or something like that.

Why did Entourage do it so easily, and I can't find any way to make it work in Mail? Maybe if I could extend the OS X proxy list to include IMAP.