Cow Loon

I have a message that appears to have blank subject and from headers (judging by the mailbox window). If I click on the message, hangs and I have to kill it. Do you know how I can delete this message without trying to read it?

People send me microsoft word documents all the time, but I don't have word for mac. I generally download, ftp and open with word on windows. But, sometimes when I click on the attachment stuffit launches and tells me that I don't have word, and offers the choices of okay or "okay, in protest". Is there a way for me to save an attachment instead of having a program try to load it?

When I compose a new message the from address is set to my account at by default. Or, if someone sends email to me that was addressed to one of my aliases and I reply, the default from address is my account at Is there a way to change the default to be one of the other accounts I have setup in