Slow Pop Download


I am using version 2.02 in Tiger 10.4.2 I have a gmail acct and use the pop server to download my email into I have done this successfully for many months in Panther and now in Tiger. Until today.

Now when I try to get mail I watch the activity viewer and it logs me into the server, then says fetching 1 of 72:"message title" and it sits there for a very long time, then it makes a noise and quits trying to download messages. Sometimes it will get one or 2 messages and sometimes it doesn't get any of them. It just keeps quitting.

I trashed my plist file re-setup my email and get the same results.
Not sure where to go from here. I have googled around and not found anything helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Log into Gmail on the web site and check the mail and delete naything you don't want. Sounds like there may be a corrupt mail causing this.