timeout while sending mail...


The other day, I went to reply to an email in That morning, I had done the same thing several times without a problem. However, this time, I got a message that couldn't connect to the specified server. Thinking Earthlink was down, I tried to send with one of my other accounts, but got the same message no matter which one I used. As far as I know, I hadn't changed any of the preferences since that morning (I have been running mail with no problem since March 24...), but now I cannot send ANY email from! I have to telnet to my school's server and use pine to send all my email now, which sucks.

I don't think this is a problem with my ISP. I can do EVERY other "online function" except send mail... I can send forms from websites and I can send web-based email.... just can't send anything through

Has anyone been experiencing this problem? I booted in single-user mode and ran fsck, but that didn't seem to fix the problem. Is there a way I can reinstall ONLY the off the OS X CD?

Input would be appreciated.