Troublesome Attachements Won't Remove But Duplicate Themselves



after finding out how to archive and remove my attachements from messages i have around 30 attachements (from over 3'000) which are problematic.
When i select those messages (either one by one or all together) and select 'Remove Attachements' from the message menu the process starts and seems to complete but the attachements remain in the message.

I've noticed that every time i try this the attachements are duplicated somewher (i can't find a duplicate message anywhere) which i can see from the increasing size of my mail folder. Although my mail folder (user/Library/Mail) has come down from 800Mb to 90 Mb it is now back on 128Mb after a couple of attem pts to remove the offending attachements.

I rebuild permisiions, system and application caches etc with SystemOptimizerX 4.7.3 after selecting each and every mailbox in and doing a 'Rebuild' from the Mailbox menu. The problem persists ...

Thanks for any clues ...