Mail App Won't Launch


My Mail application won't start up since yesterday. I was in iTunes when my machine froze. After rebooting on button, since I couldn't force restart, I try to start my Mail app. I would get Mail menu and the spinning colour wheel and that is as far as it goes. It wouldn't even let me force quit. I had to do a power button to shut down the computer. I have a backup of my Mail files (preferences and mailboxes, accounts) so I dumped existing preferences file ( and put the old one in. Didn't help. I run a Disc doctor and verified and repaired permissions. No change. Any ideas? (My technical knowledge is 3 on scale from 1-10, 1 being lowest so please be patient with me) I have iMac running Tiger.

thanks for your help
Just keep the backup of email stuff and trash the current prefrence file compleatly. It helps to always know how your addresses are setup incase Mail quits working.