Mail Failing to Display Remote Images


Hi. We're using Mac OS X 10.4.2 and Mail 2.0.3.

Remote images are not displaying in received eMails. We need them to appear as some are links to web sites and we don't know which "?" to click on!

We HAVE ticked / checked the box called: "Display Remote Images in HTML messages" but note it says underneath: "Remote images require additional network access to display". We wonder whether we may have disabled the 'additional network access' somewhere.

Do you have any idea why the images are not displaying? (They used to display OK but have recently stopped doing so.)

Aha! We've just solved our own problem - thought the rest of you guys may want to know the answer. We were testing the 'Little Snitch' Utility which monitors (& refuses, if necessary) connections to the Internet from various applications. We had unwittingly disallowed Mail to access http though port 80. Full credit given to my high IQ partner who identified the problem despite feeling unwell!
I am new to this...thanks in advance for any help. I recently upgraded to
Tiger OSX. When I receive email only about half of the images load. I get
the little questionmark box. Not sure what you mean about the port. I am
running my mac on a wireless connection through netgear from a direcway
satellite connection. Did not have this problem until I upgraded.
Opeing Little Snitch worked for me too. I had a feeling it had something to do with it.So. Go to yr Applications folder and open Little Snitch. Scroll down and you'll find that some Mail ports are checked "deny". Uncheck them. Thats it!
Damn you guys are good. Who would have thunk it, but Little Snitch was also the culprit in my case. You saved me hours of troubleshooting.
No problem. I learnt the hard way and DID spend a while thinking there was something seriously wrong with my new mac. My brother sorted me out, thankfully.