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Hi I am using tiger 10.4.2. I am wanting to move my default apple mail location. (Where apple mails stores the mail folder) TO A PGP disk partition. So what I want to do is make a partition with PFPF 3 gigs for example. Then I want to put my mail folders (For apple mail.) inside this partition. So that is I ever want to unmount it as to not let some one read it . then it will not be mountable unless the person trying to read it has the password. I do not want to use filevault . So my question, how to move mail onto the pgp partition I have created .. I see in mail preferences under advanced tab. that it is is possible to move it. but the button , is grayed out. Mean that I can not click on it to seect when I want to put my new mail folders . I can slect the text as will as to try to change the default location . ~/Library/Mail... but I can not change it at all I have tried to login as root as well. I have tried with a mac .com account and also pop as well as imap. but no luck. Can any one tell me how to do this... PLEASE!

Thanks. Mojojive


Once your account is set up you can't move it. If you try setting up a new account, then the option to point Mail to a folder other than Library/Mail will be available to you. (Although I must say I've never tried setting up mail anywhere other than the default, though in theory there's no reason why it shouldn't work)

So... I would set up another account (named slightly differently so Mail doesn't flag it as a duplicate) On initial set up, direct Mail to put its folder on the partition you want. Use the same server ID, password, POP, and SMTP settings to retrieve future mail from the mail server to that location. Once your new account is set up, simply Import the e-mail from your old account to the new one. Now, once you're sure that all the mail is properly in the new account, just delete the old one, and voila... you have your set up!