Mail Imac G5 Missing Icon


Normally, when forwarding a message, all one has to do is address it and click the icon SEND in the Mailbox window and off it goes. All my e-mails that I reply to I follow that format.

However, now my unit does not provide the SEND button when I wish to forward a message. I have to manually click Mail's MESSAGE and SEND in order to send it. The ICON send button is no longer available for forwarded messages. (The inactive DELETE button has taken it's place.)

How can I reestablish the SEND icon onto my e-mail message
window for use when forwarding messages?

Version 10-3-9 iMac G5

Are you talking about a button missing from the toolbar? Right-click, choose Customize Toolbar and drag the button you want into the toolbar.
Veljo: The SEND button in Mail, when sending FWD messages or sending NEW messages is no longer on the toolbar. However, the SEND button is available for Reply and Reply All.

Bringing up Customize, the SEND button is not available to drag to the toolbar.
If I select a message to FWD or NEW , address it, then go to Customize Toolbar, Customize shows the SEND icon, but will not allow it to be dragged to the toolbar. When I exit from Customize, the toolbar with SEND disappears, a dimmed DELETE takes it's place and the only way I can SEND the FWD OR NEW message is to click MESSAGE and then SEND. For some reason SEND is no long available on the normal toolbar. I would like it to be available. Any suggestions are appreciated. Bye. Francey
No, I haven't downloaded anything like that.
I have downloaded a few pictures of pets off a forwarded e-mail. But, that's all.
Bye. Francey
You should post the answer you found incase anyone else has this problem.

The Problem was that The TITLE BAR containing the SEND icon had disappeared from the top of the FWD or NEW mail letter.

The solution:
So simple, as most things are.
While in MAIL, open letter to be Forwarded or written up NEW.
Then Click on VIEW
It automatically returns the TITLE BAR with the SEND ICON back onto the
FWD or NEW letter to be sent and it stays there for future use.
Problem solved. Thanks to the Tech on the telephone line at AppleCare Helpline.