Mail On 2 Computers

Brian Gascoigne

Hi all

In OS 9, using Eudora, I had all the incoming mailboxes on a G4, with an alias of one mailbox on the desktop on a networked G3 (OS 9.2.2).

On OS 10.4 Mail won't let me change the location of mailboxes to a public folder, and an alias placed on the desktop of the distant machine gives me "Sever not found" even though the public folder with the alias is sitting on the desktop.

Is there not a simple way to have all partitions on all machines visible on other machines (permissions etc. understood) as you could so easily in OS 9.TIA Brian

G4 1.25 DP OS 10.4 and PB 1.0 OS 10.4
Another thought, Brian. Doesn't answer you question,
but may solve your problem.

Set Eudora to keep your mail on the server for a week
or so. You get all your mail on both machines that way.