Mail Problems With Airport Extreme Card


I have just installed an airport extreme card in my emac with osx 10.3.9
My safari internet works fine wireless but my mail won't. It can't connect and I have checked with my internet provider, Netgear, and various mac techs. They are stumped. Netgear suggested I may have a firewall installed that is blocking it.
My computer knowledge is limited, but growing.
I have played with varous settings of the network, but to no avail.


Hi Lise and welcome to the forum.
How is your network configured? You seem to have a netgear router. If you connect the router and the mac using an ethernet cable, would mail then download your mails? Make sure all your network settings are set to automatic on your mac. Also make sure you have no firewall activated in the System Preferences -> Sharing.
But the most interesting step would surely be the attempt to cable-plug your mac to your router and see if things work fine suddenly. Post your results.


Thanks for the insight. I have done this already and the email works fine with the computer plugged into the router, but not when it is unplugged. But the internet works while plugged in or unplugged.
'Sharing' Says that firewall is off.
Any other ideas.
Airport configurations say that built in ethernet and airport are 'on', in that order.
Under airport-the computer is enable to make networks.
Are all these settings okay?