Mail server for OSX that dosen't need to be compiled!


OK my third download of iTools still dosen't install on my machine. Are their any alternative mail and web server systems available for OSX? I just can't get this installer to run. To make matters worse I only have the consumer version of OSX so I don't even have the developer tools to make another UNIX version work. Please help!

I already reinstalled OSX.

System Info:
G4/400 AGP
128 MB RAM
10 GB drive
Both Sendmail, the standard UNIX mail server, and Apache, the most used web server, are installed with MacOS X.

Do some searching on this forum, the MacNN forum and the MacFixit forum for how-to's on enabling them.
Surgemail doesn't need compiling, it is free for a 5 user license. More then that and you have to pay. It has a osx binary available, and I ran it for a while on a powermac g4 before switching to osx server. Also, apache is built into osx. You can turn on web sharing in the preferences and share web sites located in /Library/WebServer/Documents.

Hope this helps