Mail: Store Drafts, Sent And Trash In Other Folders



I am using Mail 2.0.3, which came with OS 10.4, to access my two imap accounts. Almost everything works fine, but one of the accounts has a problem.

The troublesome email account:
My saved, sent and deleted messages disappear because the are never stored on the server – regardless of the respective "Save to server…" preferences. Something I noticed is the INBOX is the only available root folder in this account. Drafts, Sent and Trash folders do not exist and cannot be created – probably due to permission issues – in the account's root directory. I created Drafts, Sent and Trash folders in the INBOX – not the root – folder, but Mail does not offer an option to choose alternative folders. It seems Mail demands the Drafts, Sent and Trash folders to be in the root directory, or else the messages are exterminated.

How may I overcome this problem? How to change Mail's default Drafts, Sent and Trash folders; save messages in their respective mailboxes in the INBOX – not in the root directory? Entourage facilitates such non-default preferences.

Is there any sort of hidden preference that I may change/create for Mail using the Property List Editor?

Example of creating new preference:
iWork's Pages _defaults_ to compress documents as they are saved; the user has no choice. You can _create_ – using Property List Editor – the preference SaveCompressionLevel (0) – it does normally exist – that Pages will recognize to not compress its saved documents.

Sorry for the long message.

Thanks for your attention and service,

Jeff Birac