mail troubles


since i upgraded to OSX.1, i've had continuous troubles with there being e-mail background check timeout failures. it seems that i can check my e-mail properly most of the time, but when it is left to automatically check e-mail for me, it always comes up with this timeout failure on port 110 every time it does a check for me!

Background fetch failed with exception: The connection to the server on port 110 timed out.

has anyone experienced this kind of problem? i'm tempted to just backup everything and wipe my drive again! :( but i really don't want to do this. besides, it's only this e-mail account that is doing this. my other e-mail account isn't. i've contacted my e-mail service provider & so far, he doesn't know what could be causing this to happen. and as i said, it began AFTER upgrading to 10.1.

well, please lemme know if you have any ideas. thanks!
Not sure if this can help you, but check out a shareware app called Lookup Manager. You can find it here.
It allows you to change the timeout values for a number of services and protocols. And it's easier than wiping your drive!
It seems that Mail is having timeout issues with one of my mail servers. This only happens during automatic re-check. But after it happens I have to re-boot to get mail again. And then it stops. It also only happens while I'm connected to the same network the mail server is on. If I'm trying to reach it from another network, there is no issue. So I think it is something related to this network and since this network is run by a bunch Windbloze 2000 machines, only the good lord knows what could be happening. I'll try to modify the timeout so that it does not continue.

Wish me Luck.
Anyone got any other ideas?

It seems Lookup Manager does not work with Jaguar yet.