Mailing List server, Msgcat and Gencat problem


Hi, I try to install unsuccessfully a Mailing List server on my Mac bi-G4. I have already on my machine : Perl, DBI modules, PHP4, GD, MySQL, FreeType, etc...

My two choices : Listar and Sympa because the both use Sendmail. (EZMLM uses Qmail). But the problems are always the same. They use Shell programs that seems not recognize by Mac OS X. Even Listar that have a specific FreeBSD makefile script.

# Date created:		09 Apr 2000
# $FreeBSD$

DISTNAME=	listar-0.129a
WRKSRC=         ${WRKDIR}/${DISTNAME}/src

	@ ${CP} ${WRKSRC}/Makefile.dist ${WRKSRC}/Makefile

I found several errors : at the first line, #!/bin/sh is missing, and the DISTNAME, CATEGORIES... variables have no quote to set their content and so on... Mac OS X does not understand this script and find one syntax error on each line.

Sympa is a better Mailing List server, as it uses MySQL to manage the subscribers. So it can be part of or implemented to another programm thru MySQL. But Sympa requires gencat and Msgcat to perform the installation. Both gencat and Msgcat use the same strange shell syntax, as Listar FreeBSD, in the make file.

Does anyone as a clue ? Maybe it's not #!/bin/sh that should be used but something else (maybe older as these gencat and Msgcat are 12 years old). Or maybe Apple FreeBSD is not so FreeBSD as they say.

Or does anyone uses another Mailing List server on his Mac OS X ?


mach-o mach-o man
as far as I know, makefile's SHOULD NOT have #! /bin/sh at the top. This is because they are written in 'make script'. They are not shell scripts. Just type 'make' to install them, and make will look at the makefile for instructions.

btw, 'make' will not work without first installing apple's developer tools (freely avaliable - go to and click 'developer').

Try making them (do a ./configure first, if a configure script is avaliable), and tell us if they work - lots of people here have been wondering about list servers.

Hope that helps!


Thank you kilowatt for your response. As you suggested kilowatt, I try to do a make Makefile but the told me there was nothing to do... as there is no configure file. Makefile seems to be a shell script but with a special shell syntax.

If you're insterested, feel free to go and see on my website.
I put the sources codes I have problems with and wrote a small report about them.

I tried to install Majordomo but the install documentation is very confused. And now I'm resigned to install Python, even if that doesn't enjoy me very much, to be able to run Mailman on my machine.

Does nobdy else want to run a Mailing List Server on his Mac ?