Mailing web pages from within Safari


I have an iMac and my wife has a MacBook Pro; both are running Mavericks.

Both of us have and email accounts.

In Safari, when I am viewing a web page and click on the <Share> icon in the Safari Menubar, I see this:

I can send the entire contents of the web page to friends via Apple Mail; a great way to send them articles from a newspaper to which I have a paid subscription and they do not.

When my wife is viewing a web page and clicks on the <Share> icon in the Safari Menubar, she see this:

She can send, via Google Mail, _only_ the URL of the web page, not its contents and anyone clicking on that URL cannot view the web page because they don’t have a paid subscription.

What do I have to do on my wife’s computer to replace that Google mail icon with the Apple Mail icon under the Safari <Share> icon?

Many thanks.
Go to System Preferences>Accounts and compare what is set on your machine with your wife&#8217;s. You have iCloud set to use with Safari and your wife most likely has GMail set to use with Safari - It is like selecting your default account within each app.
Just in case someone arrives at this thread searching for an answer to this problem, the settings you have to change are these:

Apple Mail > Preferences > General Tab > Default Email Reader. Change this from Google to Mail and that does it.

Again, thanks, Cheryl.