on OSX


Don't Tread on Me!
I just upgraded to OSX 10.1. Everything went smoothly as far as I could tell.
But, when I opened, i could not get to my email account. I could get to my email no problem, but when I tried to get mail from my home email account, the app crashed. The one time that I got it running without crashing, by not trying to download mail from my home email account, the would not let me make any changes to my home email account under preferences. It is almost like I'm locked totally out of this account. The user I'm logged in should have root access to this I would think. Did the Upgrade do something to screw it up? I never encountered this problem before. Has anyone else seen this problem? Anyone have any ideas on what is wrong and hoe to fix it short of starting a new account?:)

Thanks ahead of time,
I deleted the account in preferences in Then I re-setup the account.
I then had to goto ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes and delete INBOX.mbox. I did that while the was closed. When I restarted, a new INBOX.mbox was created and this time it was NOT read only. Now everything seems to be working correctly again. See what a little "Hacking" around will do for ya.;)