Major Speed Increase Found



I, like many others, have been *itching about MacOSX speeds. Despite updates, RAM increases, and command line optimizations my average application load time was 30 seconds - even for the simplest of applications. Scrolling was unbearable.

I wanted to change my primary user ID (consistency across systems). The User preferences panel does not allow the ID to change. A new user was created.

When I logged in I felt like I was on a new system. Load times were cut in half, scrolling speed increased, and etc. Now, I do not know what is slowing down the other user account - yet. I'll examine processes.

If you are experiencing the same kind of unbearable speeds - try creating a new user. I almost feel giddy :->


I almost feel giddy. I had little hope for Apple optimizing X.

A couple months ago (back in the OS X beta days) someone reported that loging into root was faster. I don't think that was what made things faster. it's probably all your preferances slowing down the OS (or who know, maybe something else). try moving your preferances to another folder and loging back in to your old account, then see if there is more speed.
you know i was wondering that my self. I have a coupla dummey accounts and they always seemed better then my regular accont. The only problem is i dont want to re-set all my preferences and stuff in the new user mode. i'm sure it wont take that long but still. I will do it some day. Because i think it will make a world of differnce.

my question for you though is did you give your self access privledges in the new account? or leave them restricted?


I went through the aggravation of moving files and resetting prefs. I wanted to change some configurations anyway. As far as I can tell the two accounts are identical in prefs and processes.

The old account has been deleted structure and all. Since I categorized it as "corrupt" there was no sense leaving it around. As root from terminal I did most of the moving and deleting. I still haven't changed all the privileges yet.

BTW I took this opportunity to reorg some of the structure. The "Shared" directory now contains most of the standard user sub directories (movies etc.). My three user accounts can alias to those. Basically I have only one Music folder shared across users. The documents folder I am leaving private. MacOS 9's documents folder is an alias to the Shared directory.

ITz The MaN,

I'll remember your suggestion if atrophy hits another account. As previously noted I wiped out the old account ;->

I just realized I mentioned the word giddy twice in the original post. I must have been REALLY happy :)