Make Iphoto Find the Library


I keep my photos on a firewire disk; it became disconnected and now iPhoto says there are 0 pictures in the Library, but it is not checking the firewire disk. I have tried the following to get iPhoto to open the Find window or to use the firewire disk. ( I did use Disk Utility to check the disk - it did need a change for mounting). I have removed the iPhoto Library that was in user/Pictures. I have restored the Preferences file in both user/Library and Library from a back-up. The Finder search discovers no iPhoto Library file on the built-in hard drive, but does find the one on the firewire drive, but iPhoto starts up, says the iPhoto Library contains 0 pictures, and does not allow me to tell it to look elsewhere. (The preferences refer to the proper volume and file, but it isn't checking there; I get the same results it the firewire drive isn't connected. What can I do to get iPhoto to look in the right place?
Dick W.


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Here is a quote from iPhoto Help...

To move the iPhoto Library folder to a new location:
1. Drag the folder to the new location.
2. Select the folder in the new location and choose Make Alias from the File menu.
3. Drag the iPhoto Library folder alias to the Pictures folder and name it iPhoto Library.

re: #1
your library is already at a new location, so just try # 2 and #3.



jbarley -- did exactly as you described, and it worked perfectly. However, when I go into iPhoto, all my rolls are there and all my albums, too. But, when I try to look at the individual pics, there are just black square outlines where the pics should be. any ideas? I have repaired permissions, etc., but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks1