Makequeues crash with every print OS 10.1

James Bond

Every time that I print from either Classic or Native 10.1 apps I get a crash log (selow) I think this happens since I installed 10.1 and the security update of 19th made no difference.

Date/Time: 2001-10-21 12:14:40 +0200
OS Version: 10.1 (Build 5L14)

Command: makequeues
PID: 610

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xbf21ffe4

Thread 0:
#0 0xbf21ffe4 in 0xbf21ffe4
#1 0xbffffbcc in 0xbffffbcc
#2 0x0000a1f8 in CWorkset::FindPrintersWithConnType(__CFString const *, unsigned char)
#3 0x0000abb0 in CWorkset::AllPrintersFromPBM(CConnectionItem *)
#4 0x0000ad90 in CWorkset::DoAutoDiscovery(void)
#5 0x000095bc in CWorkset::CWorkset(void)
#6 0x00005270 in main
#7 0x000034c8 in _start
#8 0x000032f8 in start

PPC Thread State:
srr0: 0xbf21ffe4 srr1: 0x4000f030 vrsave: 0x00000000
xer: 0x00000018 lr: 0x0000d558 ctr: 0xbf21ffe4 mq: 0x00000000
r0: 0x0000a1f8 r1: 0xbffffb20 r2: 0x0181f79c r3: 0xbf21ffe4
r4: 0x0001341c r5: 0x00000001 r6: 0x7c0fc886 r7: 0x736b3fe4
r8: 0x0007c5e0 r9: 0x00113a1c r10: 0x000000a0 r11: 0x0001a39c
r12: 0xbf21ffe4 r13: 0x00000000 r14: 0x00000033 r15: 0x0004a010
r16: 0xbfffee70 r17: 0x00000000 r18: 0x00000014 r19: 0x00003a03
r20: 0x00000000 r21: 0x0000001c r22: 0x70004bc4 r23: 0x70004c58
r24: 0x00000001 r25: 0x0004b060 r26: 0x00000000 r27: 0x013594c0
r28: 0x00000000 r29: 0xbfffef00 r30: 0x00000000 r31: 0x00000001



Anybody care to help this guy? Gone two weeks without an answer!

OK OK so it's happening to me too =D.

Didd you ever figure out what was causing this? What kind of printer are you using? This only happens to me when I have classic open. I have an epson 777.

Let's figure this out...

rm-fr /bin/laden

James Bond

I suspected that the problem arose *after* I tried to install the latest drivers off the EPSON page, so I went back there and got the files again and did it properly.

First I installed the MSC7445D.SEA and then the MAC_STYLUS_UPDATE ***but under ON 9.2***.

You then need to go into chooser to reselect the printer (on USB port 1) and then restart OSX.

Since then.....all is fine (again).