Making Backups


Greetings All,
A simple question, but as a Mac newbie (eMac with SuperDrive), a perplexing one: how do I burn backups of iPhotos and Documents onto CD? It's odd that Mac doesn't have a program for this, and I keep getting advice to get such a program. I'm sorry to say, this is one area where Windows makes the procedure easy. I should mention in passing that I do not have huge amounts of data to backup: about 600 photos and scans, and a few hundred pages of documents.
Thanks for reading. Your suggestions are appreciated. If you really think I should get a backup program, suggestions for economical and uncomplicated programs will be appreciated.
Thanks! Sparrowhawk
Hi there -

There are several programs out there like "Toast". But there's a much easier way too. Go to your System Preferences, and click on "CDs & DVDs". Where it says "When you install a blank CD", set it to "Ask what to do".

Now, put a blank CD into your drive. A window pops up asking for an action: select "Open Finder". Your blank CD will appear on your desktop. Drag whatever files you want to backup onto your "Untitled CD". You can also change the name of the CD as you would any file. When you're done, drag your CD to the trash as if you were going to eject it, you should see the trash icon turn into a "burn" icon. You'll see a "are you sure you want to burn Your CD" prompt. Click "burn" and and voila! In a few minutes, voila - backup finished! :D