Making OSX disappear?


What is the recommended way to uninstall OSX off of a partition and make the partition available for reinstallation of 9.1??

Not that OSX is bad, just have no need for it right now.

Thanks in advanced

You have to reinitialize the drive in order to eradicate all the invisible directories and such. Otherwise you will never truly be free of X and may be asking for trouble.
yes, the question is, can I re-initialize the OSX partition without re-initializing the second partition which has 9.1 on it (not to mention all my working apps and files)????

In the past, I simply deleted most of the osx files (including some invisible files) and reinstalled 9.1. My question is, "Is this good enough, or, is there another suggestion out there"?.


Theres really no better way than to reformat the drive. You can erase the partition and use a program to make visible the invisible files and then maybe just for the heck of it run a disk optimization program on the empty disk. Maybe try running Norton Utilities "Wipe Info" on the disk. That's what I'd do if i were unable to reformat the drive.