making osx logon to a w2k/linux account server


i'm a systemadministrator at an institute with 900 students. most machines are w2k or linux, and all use the same remote logon script to access their individual drives (placed on a smb1 server).
my task is to change the localhost logon on osX to one that can automatically call up the roaming profiles and mount the clients drives on that particular machine.
- any ideas!?
(ps - i'm a newbie at networking and unix, but am going for it fulltime at the mo - so please be gentle :)
Do you really mean log on - as user?

The problem with Win2K is that it doesn't deliver AppleShare over IP - which OS X requires. Myself, I cannot even see the AppleTalk zone on my Win2K server; I have to use ftp to gain access. Mac OS 9.1 proper acts very well with Win2K; better than with SFM on WinNT 4.0, actually; a lot less hassle...)

Picking up dhcp seems to work, though, but then that isn't affected by AppleShare over IP.

Microsoft has just released a authentication module for OS X; but I'm not quite sure how to make it work - since, as I mentioned, I cannot access the shares.

As for Linux, if I'm not mistaken, Samba should do the trick.

Bets of luck!
hi there, and sorry for the late reply (holiday)
- yes, i mean log on as a user on a w2k server. I'm in the process of testing out Sharity, which may mean an end to my problems, but i'm not sure yet (there's also the possibility of DAVE, but they don't go carbon until fall).
what i would really love to be able to do is change the path to the authentication database from localhost to a specified path on the network (ie where all users are registered, but i'm not sure if its necessary to hack some sort of script in unix and place it at the root, or if its possible at all to specify a path outside of localhost (on a linuxserver)
- the main issue at hand here is that i'll have a lot of different users, many of which wouldn't know how to use either command lines or complicated third party software to access their shares on the w2k server.
dhcp is no problem for me, either, but that doesn't mount any shares.

:confused: ? - that means i'm not alone :)

oh, and i'll check out the w2k authentication module now - thanks!
It seems there've been a number of Authenticate with LDAP or Other threads around here, so one of them might give you clues into what you want to do--mounting the user's home as /Users/johndoe or whatever.

If you come up with something clever (or not so clever) please share it.